4: Do I just want to be right?

So I made this podcast after someone told me that I just want to be right sometimes.

I decided to think about it and work out why this is.

I guess for one, I’ve never met someone who actively wants to be wrong, so I might not be alone.

But in all seriousness, I decided to talk about how I think about this.  

Hopefully when I use the word lifeline you don’t see me as too arrogant, it’s not meant in a high and mighty way.  It’s more meant in a, “hey I’d like to help out if I can” way.


2: Blackout drinking and “profound” thoughts on a wall

Hi everyone

In case you hadn’t noticed, my podcasts are starting to branch out beyond just drinking and I’m starting to address psychological issues, which end up touching on political aspects.

The main reason why I find it interesting is because of the profound personality shift I’ve had since I became sober.

I used to be very liberal in in my thoughts and am arguably more conservative now.

I was pretty nervous making this podcast because I share a story that was definitely a low point in my life, hopefully the podcast stayed coherent throughout.

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1: What happens if I press this button – A white South African Mentions the word Racism :-O

Hi everyone

I had a really interesting conversation with a friend a few weeks back.  

I was a bit reluctant about making a podcast about that conversation, but I found it very fascinating, so I couldn’t resist.

This podcast is a bit different than usual and I’m starting to branch out into slightly different topics that are strictly related to alcohol. 

Hope you enjoy it. 🙂


9: Interview with Lukas – Am I an alcoholic?

Hi all

After doing an interview with my friend, another person was interested in talking to me about alcoholism.

It’s another long conversation, and there’s a big sound jump after about 8 minutes because we had some tech problems.  Sorry for the lack of professional editing.

I decided to keep the whole conversation unedited, so you can get the whole thing, rather than just snippets.

Thank you Lukas for coming onto the show, and sharing part of your life story with so much openness and humility.  I really enjoyed the conversation and still am so interested in our ideas of what an alcoholic really is and whether or when it’s time to stop drinking.

Looking forward to your feedback.



How do you eat an elephant?

Hi everyone


Todays podcast is one that came to me after my interview with my friend last week.  I’ve since done a similar interview, which I will post next week.

The interviews can be quite long, so I thought I’d pull some highlights and put them in a seperate podcast, as well as mention some thoughts around points which I didn’t mention during the podcast.

The elephant in this case represents a problem.

I won’t give too many more spoilers, I hope you enjoy it.  

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Is my friend an Alcoholic?

Hi everyone

I have been talking to a friend of mine about alcoholism for a couple of years now.

In this episode he wanted to test if he is an alcoholic. We spoke at length and did two tests.

The first test is to see if he is a primary alcoholic, which involves drinking 3-5 shots of very strong alcohol to get your heart rate up.  If your heart spikes by more than 8 beats per minute it could suggest that you are a primary alcoholic.

The second test involved a questionnaire.

I have quite a few thoughts on the episode, which I will cover in my next podcast.

I hope you all enjoy it and find it insightful.  Look forward to hearing what you think as well as any questions or comments you may have.


My friend Cal

Hi Everyone

Today’s podcast is a bit different than usual.  It’s a tribute to my friend Calum, who sadly passed away recently.

The podcast is separated in two parts, the first part is some funny stories that Calum created and some of which I was lucky enough to share a part in.

The second part is to do with some of the lessons that I have learnt from knowing him.

This was the 4th podcast I recorded, but I waited for approval from his family before I published it.  I say this only in case you’re counting the number of podcasts I’ve published and are wondering why I open saying it’s the 4th one.

I hope you enjoy the stories and hopefully find some life lessons as I have.


Forests, rivers, monkeys and rat parks – with some added culture

Hi everyone

In this podcast I recap the most important part of my 2nd podcast after receiving some feedback that a few people got lost.

Thanks to those who pointed it out!! 🙂

This podcast is essentially different visualisations as well as some truths that exist in nature and scientific experiments that you can use if you feel as though you’re in a mental rut so to speak.

I also talk briefly about the drinking culture at the end of this podcast, I could talk about this topic much more, but it wasn’t my intention in this podcast!

Hope you enjoy it!