Non controversial message

It’s been a while since my last podcast.  Given all the recent chaos in the US and the international attention that racism has received, I felt it would be an injustice if a minority group white South African born male was to be left out.

In this message I question the validity of all the current racial injustices, but more importantly I really aim to explain why the situation is being exacerbated and I aim offer up a solution.

One of the major reasons for dusting off my mic is because of Ozzyman reviews, who I think is a great comedian, but I think he missed the mark on his black lives matter podcast. 

I hope many people will hear the message, but when you listen to it closely it you’ll see it doesn’t pick sides and doesn’t blame racism or black people, so neither side will get enraged and hit share.


9: Interview with David Essel – author, counselor and recovering alcoholic

I am crazy busy moving to Germany, hence why I missed last week’s episode.

But this week I am back to taunt your ears.

Have you ever thought of starting a business but not quite sure what?

This week I interviewed David Essel, he really well known in the Counselling and life coach area.  Apologies, the sound quality on my side wasn’t the best, I’m still learning to be better at the sound component 🙂

David shares a tonne of interesting information around getting sober and all of his personal struggles.

David is super honest and upfront about having sold products for many years that he now says simply does not work.  I thought this level of honesty is quite something.

Toward the end of the episode I start asking him whether/how I should look to use my podcast as a source of income.

Part of my hidden personal agenda with these podcasts were to start earning a living due to the fear of moving to Germany and potentially struggling in the job market there.  I always find more difficult ways of trying to move forward rather than take the simple ones.

The more I think about it, the more I think it’s best to stick to trying to help just one person who might need to hear about the fact that life is hard.  But that’s an episode for another day.  

Hope you enjoy this one 🙂


8: Is it the Patriarch, corruption or just me?

So after I did the Satireday Special (embarrassingly) I kinda almost wished there is an actual patriarchy.

I mean, I fit into the supposed qualification and wouldn’t it be good if there was an older protecter type of brother who just sticks his hand out and says – here you go.  

But it’s not how life works.  We have to take on as much responsibility as we can bear.  The more we take on (and here’s the kicker, responsibility isn’t one dimensional) the better the chance of success.  It’s a bit like lotto though, just because you have a ticket doesn’t mean you’ll win.  But the more you take on the better the chance that you’ll have success.  Nothing in life is guaranteed.  

There will always be SOME corruption in the world, simply because humans aren’t perfect, nor is the universe.

It’s what you do with that, that makes the difference.

Anyway, I’m rambling on so much, you don’t need to listen to the podcast anymore.

I hope you enjoy the episode 🙂


7: Interview with Serrah – works with Police officers

This podcast is quite different to usual.  It was actually one I recorded quite a while back, but I’ve been waiting for the right time to publish it, which is now.

Serrah does very interesting work.  She works with police officers in a psychological context, which also includes those who suffer from PTSD.

Throughout the interview you might here my eternal optimism, which wants to believe that people can recover from anything.

This is not the case.  Some things will alter your life in unalterable ways, and it’s not always positive.

There are so many indirect links to alcoholism here, I won’t mention them all. 

But one thing, that I think is a personal takeaway for me, is that if I continue to drink, I can easily lead myself to a place from where I can never recover. 

Thank you Serrah for the interview and you utmost honesty!  I loved our interview and I found the information you supplied highly valuable 🙂


6: Evert and Kathy Tuccaro talk about life and recovery

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Kathy Tuccaro.


Kathy has just celebrated 7.5 years sober, now drives the biggest truck in the world, is an author and a motivational speaker.

Sadly, she also suffered serious abuse from a very very young age.

The thing that struck me the most about Kathy is her incredibly optimistic personality.  

She is the kind of person that has come out on the other side of a deeply traumatic situation and is without a doubt thankful for what life is giving her.

Her story is a testament to how strong human beings are and what we can overcome and achieve if we are brave enough to face life.

Not only that, she is a person of action, she has started a number of practical and positive initiatives, which are clearly helping people in her local community.

I read her post https://kathytuccaro.com/2018/07/27/where-it-all-began/.  Kathy mentions, she believes God played a role in saving her life.  Of course none of us know how or why we get these moments of grace in our lives.

I think for me personally and this has nothing to do with Kathy’s story, but one thing that I have learnt is that even though we are no longer being chased by wild animals, we can still put ourselves at risk in this world which has become quite safe.  While I don’t think we need to be bubble wrapped, I believe there are situations we can’t always get out of and if I choose to drink, then those situations start to flood into my life.

Kathy, like me, realises that for her being sober makes her life infinitely better than if she were to drink any alcohol at all.  She talks about a really interesting dream she had and became sober from that dream.  Like me her life is profoundly better without alcohol and horribly bad with it.  

Thank you for being on my show Kathy and I look forward to keeping up with your adventure.


5: Is Jordan Peterson an intellectual bully?

So I’ve met a few people now who don’t like Dr Jordan Peterson for a few different reasons.

This of course is totally fine, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

Personally I’m really confused as to why this is, because to me everything he says makes pretty good sense.

In this podcast I try to lay out some arguments I’ve heard and I try to counter them.

I don’t want to sound like some little JP disciple, instead this podcast is to welcome some discussion as I think there are some important topics to discuss in an open minded way, rather than a defensive, aggressive or divisive manner.

I also think that it’s better to look at what’s being said rather than who says it.  Sometimes we don’t like the person who’s saying something, but what they’re saying may actually be true.

Looking forward to your feedback on this one! 🙂


4: Do I just want to be right?

So I made this podcast after someone told me that I just want to be right sometimes.

I decided to think about it and work out why this is.

I guess for one, I’ve never met someone who actively wants to be wrong, so I might not be alone.

But in all seriousness, I decided to talk about how I think about this.  

Hopefully when I use the word lifeline you don’t see me as too arrogant, it’s not meant in a high and mighty way.  It’s more meant in a, “hey I’d like to help out if I can” way.


2: Blackout drinking and “profound” thoughts on a wall

Hi everyone

In case you hadn’t noticed, my podcasts are starting to branch out beyond just drinking and I’m starting to address psychological issues, which end up touching on political aspects.

The main reason why I find it interesting is because of the profound personality shift I’ve had since I became sober.

I used to be very liberal in in my thoughts and am arguably more conservative now.

I was pretty nervous making this podcast because I share a story that was definitely a low point in my life, hopefully the podcast stayed coherent throughout.

If you find it useful please remember to share my podcast with others! 🙂


1: What happens if I press this button – A white South African Mentions the word Racism :-O

Hi everyone

I had a really interesting conversation with a friend a few weeks back.  

I was a bit reluctant about making a podcast about that conversation, but I found it very fascinating, so I couldn’t resist.

This podcast is a bit different than usual and I’m starting to branch out into slightly different topics that are strictly related to alcohol. 

Hope you enjoy it. 🙂