So what’s the deal with communism anyway?

https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/insearchoflife/So_whats_the_deal_with_communism_anyway.m4v?dest-id=1549793 Firstly, celebration, I had a mini explosion of followers on this page and crossed the 100 follower mark! THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY FOLLOWER!! I genuinely look forward to hearing your views and speaking with you as I grow this channel where we can all speak freely. One of the amazing things of having lived in so many different countries is that I naturally gain people from all over the world with different cultural values – one of those values I discuss today, is it ok for children to have toy guns? Having grown up in South Africa and being surrounded by guns I was surprised to speak to a friend very anti toy guns. Having spoken to her, I see both sides of the argument – what about you? I also speak more around communism, I’m trying to work out what happens ONCE a dictatorship is already installed, such as in Turkey and many other countries. I still don’t have the answer to that very puzzling question, which is exactly why I think it’s crucial that we pay close attention to what is happening in the US at the moment. IMPORTANT – Youtube has decided to censor anyone questioning the US election results, even though a lawsuit with 17 different states have just been filed due to the increasing amount of evidence that the election was not decided in a legitimate fashion. If you like my content, the nature of which is deliberitely being censcored at the moment please share and link to my page. One of the main reasons I started talking about this particular content is because I believe it’s URGENT to have these discussions now, while we can. My content will not grow organically based on algorithms imposed by big tech, I need your help please. Useful links for this episode: https://www.theblaze.com/…/parler-ceo-rips-youtube… https://www.theblaze.com/…/after-woke-santa-squashes… https://www.theblaze.com/…/pompeo-andrea-mitchell-china…      


Rusty Mundy

https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/insearchoflife/Rusty_Mundy_podcast.m4v?dest-id=1549793 “What I am is good enough if I would only be it openly.” Today was a pretty hard video to make, but I took solace in Carl Rogers’* quote above Since I have a few new watchers/listeners this week, I’ve tried to restart again, especially since I can sense the frustration happening in this group with some of the high volume commentators. Below are some of the quotes by Carl Rogers, which I used that I want you to sink in while watching my tangential video today**. 1. “If I can listen to what he can tell me, if I can understand how it seems to him; if I can see its personal meaning for him, if I can sense the emotional flavor which it has for him, then I will be releasing potent forces of change in him.” 2. “What you are to be, you are now becoming.” This quote is for myself and my old self. I used to be stuck in being scared of facing criticism and upsetting people (I still don’t like upsetting people). But in order to solve difficult problems you sometimes upset people and also make mistakes yourself. I’m comfortable enough now to make those mistakes and be strong enough in my convictions to speak about things without feeling like I will crumble. 3. “Life at its best is a flowing changing process in which nothing is fixed.” * Carl Rogers one of the founding fathers of human-centered therapy and humanistic psychology, believed the only way to achieve positive forward momentum was through the pursuit of self-actualization—the process of realizing and expressing one’s inherent capabilities and creativity. https://tinyurl.com/y4bbrt24 ** Please do not tell me to follow my own advice, not at this point – focus on what I talk about regarding couples therapy and how I also had to listen and understand a problem deeply before I was allowed to speak. I will talk more about this form of therapy and why and how it works in another video in the future, let me know in the comments section if interested)