Hi everyone,

Someone asked me to a do a podcast on this topic, so here it is 🙂

The podcast is structured in 2 parts, one is more to do with the person struggling him/herself, and what it might mean to help.  The second part is more practical things that you could actually do.

First half:

1.  It’s not always up to you to be able to help.  The person who needs help needs to be WILLING to be helped.  The age old saying, you can bring a horse to the water, isn’t a saying for nothing.

2.  What it actually means to be willing to help

3.  Why you need to take seriously.  Don’t pretend to know the answers, it can be very dangerous if you get it wrong.

Second half:

1.  Active listening

2.  Don’t make the problem bigger or smaller than it needs to be.

3.  Don’t mislabel things, but don’t underestimate the power in labelling things accurately.  Labelling is NOT bad, but mislabelling IS!!

4.  Don’t give medical advice – some people need anti depressants and some don’t.  If a person is depressed (and not drinking ;-)) and taking medication, maybe they just need to switch to different medication.  Get a good doctor, not all car mechanics are amazing and not all doctors are amazing.  BUT some are incredible 🙂

5. If someone asks you for a specific favour, try to help them as directly as you can, as long as it doesn’t harm them, others or yourself.  They may be so troubled that they see no other way.  Your act of kindness could mean much more to them then you will ever know.

6.  AA specific, if you know someone suffering from alcoholism and can’t talk to them for some or other reason there is a group called al-anon, which is worth going to.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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