So after I did the Satireday Special (embarrassingly) I kinda almost wished there is an actual patriarchy.

I mean, I fit into the supposed qualification and wouldn’t it be good if there was an older protecter type of brother who just sticks his hand out and says – here you go.  

But it’s not how life works.  We have to take on as much responsibility as we can bear.  The more we take on (and here’s the kicker, responsibility isn’t one dimensional) the better the chance of success.  It’s a bit like lotto though, just because you have a ticket doesn’t mean you’ll win.  But the more you take on the better the chance that you’ll have success.  Nothing in life is guaranteed.  

There will always be SOME corruption in the world, simply because humans aren’t perfect, nor is the universe.

It’s what you do with that, that makes the difference.

Anyway, I’m rambling on so much, you don’t need to listen to the podcast anymore.

I hope you enjoy the episode 🙂

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