This podcast is quite different to usual.  It was actually one I recorded quite a while back, but I’ve been waiting for the right time to publish it, which is now.

Serrah does very interesting work.  She works with police officers in a psychological context, which also includes those who suffer from PTSD.

Throughout the interview you might here my eternal optimism, which wants to believe that people can recover from anything.

This is not the case.  Some things will alter your life in unalterable ways, and it’s not always positive.

There are so many indirect links to alcoholism here, I won’t mention them all. 

But one thing, that I think is a personal takeaway for me, is that if I continue to drink, I can easily lead myself to a place from where I can never recover. 

Thank you Serrah for the interview and you utmost honesty!  I loved our interview and I found the information you supplied highly valuable 🙂

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